About us

Since 1957 Athle Surgico has been engaged in the manufacturing of Veterinary Instruments, Beauty Care Implements, Laryngoscopes and Tools for Jewelers, Opticians and Watch makers . From the very inception of the company the main focus and emphasis has remained on precise designing, wise selection of materials, application of state-of-the art technology coupled with traditional know how, and above all keen and strict vigil of highly skilled craftsmen who ensure adherence to highest quality standards at every stage of production.

Our products are second to none in afore-mentioned fields and enjoy a reputation for dependability and brilliant performance. Inspite of the exquisite quality our products are competitively priced and we deliver on time.
If you require any instruments not illustrated by us we are sufficiently equipped and capable of manufacturing that on your specifications or Master Samples.

While concluding we would only say that quality and service come first at Athle Surgico, we stand behind every item in our catalogue with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

We express our thanks to all of our customers for the confidence they have placed in us in the past and we assure that we will further justify their confidence in future.